The scenery is magnificent and if any event is going to motivate any resolution then it’s this one. The 3 PEAKS CHALLENGE is a long established event and, whatever the reason draws you to it, trust us, it really is a challenge.

Unfortunately last year’s event was covid-cancelled, but when it returned in June the response was fantastic and the times turned in were pretty spectacular, just like the scenery en-route.

We must congratulate the first walkers back on each route in June’s event…..

Gold Route
A couple, Hallam and Alexis Giradet (both 54) from Abergavenny completed in a time of 5 hours 41 minutes.

Silver Route
Gabrielle Yates, 43, from Cwmbran returned in a time of 4 hours 50 minutes.

Bronze Route
Johanne Morgan-Rolfe, 25, from Hereford completed in a time of 5 hours 15 minutes.

Some people do it for the challenge, some just to take in the magnificent scenery, and of course, there are those who step out and do it for a worthwhile cause. But what is the allure of the Three Peaks challenge and what exactly is it?

The name pretty much says it all, it’s a walk/challenge challenge based in Abergavenny where a team of volunteers set a series of checkpoints and you have to pass through using your own navigation skills to select the best route between them.

You take on The Sugar Loaf, Blorenge & Skirrid Fawr in an event which was actually set up in 1963, making it the oldest of its kind in the UK. There are four routes ranging anything from ten to 20 miles.

There are a few organised events coming up over the next year or so and we thought we’d tell you about them so you can can decide if it’s a challenge you can face.

The THREE PEAKS TRIAL is an organised challenge walk arranged each year in March by the Cardiff Outdoor Group. Since 2010 Longtown Mountain Rescue Team provide support with Marshalls on all the mountain top checkpoints.

Over the years the event has been modified so this year there is a choice of four other routes. The current four routes are:

  • Platinum Route:This is a linear walk of about 17 miles and 5000′ of ascent from Llanthony Abbey to Abergavenny over Bal MawrPen Cerrig Calch and Sugar Loaf. Entry to the Platinum Route is limited to 200. Although the Platinum Route is shorter than the Gold, the ascents are steeper and navigation more challenging, hence the higher grading.
  • Gold Route: This is the original challenge, a circular walk of about 20 miles and 5000′ of ascent, which crosses over three prominent peaks around Abergavenny in Monmouthshire: BlorengeSugar Loaf and Skirrid. This route is never far from civilisation yet there is no obvious route so that concentration on map reading is essential to keep to the best route.
  • Silver Route: This is a circular walk of about 15 miles and 4000′ of ascent. It follows the Gold Route from Abergavenny over Blorenge and Sugar Loaf, then descends back to Abergavenny.
  • Bronze Route: This is a circular walk of about 10 miles and 2000′ of ascent. The route goes from Abergavenny to the summit of Sugar Loaf, descending by a different path.

The money raised in the Three Peaks Trial will be supporting the work carried out by St David’s Hospice Care.

The THREE PEAKS TRIAL will return in March next year. If you’d like more details on the event, go here. TRIAL

The Teenage Cancer Trust did the challenge in 2019, we’ll let you know if they’re doing it again this as soon as possible.

If you want to see the Blorenge right now (light and weather permitting) there is a webcam (updated every 15 minutes) giving you a view. Just Click Here