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We All Need Some Monster Fun


When MONSTERS NOT ALLOWED first came out the reviews, right across the board, were five star, and rightly so. The story by Tracy Hammett is warm and funny and Jan McCafferty’s illustrations really bring the characters to life. Now, the book is to be re-published by Graffeg, a Welsh company with a well-established reputation for high-quality design and production who publish children’s and illustrated books and gift stationery.

And as we’re right in the middle of the World Book Day celebrations, there really couldn’t be a better time to grab a copy and read this to our kids. Read our special WBD feature HERE.

When a monster stomps his way into school and yodels, warbles and whoops through the lessons, all the teachers are worried. Soon he does so many naughty things that Mr Jedd, the Deputy Head, bans him from the school! But the children love their monster, and the school is a sadder, quieter place without him. Can everyone pull together and persuade Mr Jedd to change his mind?

MONSTERS NOT ALLOWED is a story about tolerance told in a lively rhyme which is perfect for reading aloud. It’s an ideal book to have on the shelves and read anytime, just ask my nephews, it’s still one of their favourites. We reckon it’s because it’s bursting with monster fun!

Tracey Hammett is a Welsh-born writer who shares her time between Cardiff and London. She’s written numerous stories, scripts and poems for BBC children’s television, including several BAFTA-nominated and award-winning programmes and likes to combine her love of words, stories and rhyme with a good dollop of humour and an awareness of social issues. We’ve also heard that she’s been a creative writing teacher for a while now and been a tutor at Chelsea Young Writers since 2017. We’ve been told her classes are relaxed and informal and everyone is invited to explore and share their ideas.

And as for the brilliant illustrations, they’re all down to Jan McCafferty. She is such an experienced children’s book illustrator having studied Graphic Design and Illustration at the Central England University, although Manchester is her home now. Her illustrations for other successful children’s books include The Enchanted Wood, the Oliver Moon series and the Kid Cowboy series.

What is lovely about the book, apart from it being colourful and funny, is that it helps teach children about inclusion, collaboration and loving their differences. The educational message as well as being entertaining makes it perfect for reading together with parents. As we said, the review have been ‘monstrous’………..

  • ‘A funny story all about the importance of including others, and learning to love the things that make us different’ – Love Reading 4 Kids.
  • ‘The creation of a cute blue hairy monster makes it easy to understand why everyone loves it’ – Little Parachutes.
  • ‘The ideal back-to-school picture book for autumn, bursting with monster fun!’ – Book Clubs Kids

In the story the kids must make signs to encourage the monster to come back. There are lots of lovely adjectives that are used to describe the monster and many references to describing the parts of the body. Which means of course, the book could be used to support the learning of the parts of the body and to explore rhyme. It could be used for a monster topic where children have to describe and/or draw their own monster for their class.

MONSTERS NOT ALLOWED by Tracey Hammett and Jan McCafferty is out on the 12th March published by Graffeg. The price is £7.99. If you’d like to know more and see what else Graffeg have on their books (sorry), go here. MONSTERS



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