There are two Christmas favourites in households across South Wales, The Sound of Music (of course) and the classic 1939 Judy Garland movie The Wizard of Oz. Now, in the best tradition of pantomime, we can say we are actually off to see the Wizard, live in Cardiff.

THE WIZARD OF OZ Spectacular panto is touring the UK this festive season with an all-star cast. The One Show and Countryfile presenter Matt Baker as the Wizard and The Chase quizzer Jenny Ryan.

After amazing previous productions of Elf, Cinderella and Peter Pan, The Wizard of Oz is the brand-new spectacular Christmas show set to lift the Motorpoint Arena right over the rainbow. The tour actually begins in Cardiff on Saturday December 4th.

You may remember we had The Grinch here pre-lockdown and that was something spectacular – take a look at our review HERE

Matt told us…..

“This Christmas I’m swapping the green fields of Our Farm in the Dales for the Emerald City! I’ll be an acrobatic, laser wielding wizard and I might even bring the Children in Need Rickshaw along for the ride.

It’s a show packed with spectacular entertainment and fun with a brilliant script and cast to boot. I can’t wait for my festive tour on the yellow brick road!”

Matt Baker will play the Wizard

The production will be performed on the world’s biggest panto stage, along with two mobile stages that travel around the arena as the yellow brick road unfolds in front of a 6,000 seat audience.

The cast not only includes Matt but also Jenny Ryan aka ‘The Vixen’ from ITV’s The Chase and new comedy star Jordan Conway.

Jenny told us…..

“The spectacular size of the show is breathtaking. There are giant video screens with animated computer graphic backgrounds and an ice-covered Emerald city skating scene that is magical. With a ten-metre tall roof there is plenty of flying, with cirque stars as the crows and the witch actually flies on a broomstick around the arena. What’s also fun is that I am known as one of telly’s top TV quizzers, yet I have to contend with a man with no brains at all.”

Jenny Ryan

Jenny of course means the Scarecrow played by new comedy star Jordan Conway.

Jordan is in huge demand at the moment, and despite the pandemic restrictions, has worked non-stop every week since May, headlining his own show at Butlins, Blackpool’s Viva cabaret and theatre tours.

Jordan is the only cast member who starred in all previous “World’s Biggest Panto” arena shows – Elf, Cinderella and Peter Pan.

He said:

“I can’t wait to get started, nothing beats the sound of thousands of family members all laughing together.”

Jordan Conway will play the Scarecrow

Charlie Quirke (yes, Pauline’s son), who you may know for his role as Travis in Birds of a Feather, will play the role of the Tin Man, bringing an eccentric mechanical twist to the role.

Charlie told us…..

“I’m excited to be performing again in another spectacular World’s Biggest Panto production and touring to these great venues creating this wonderful character.”

Kelly Balaki as Dorothy Jordan Conway as Scarecrow Charlie Quirke as Tinman Joe Speare as Lion

World’s Biggest Panto certainly lives up to its name. It was all created by Jon Conway, the top man at World’s Biggest Productions Ltd. And if anyone knows about large productions it has to be Jon. He was co-founder of QDOS Entertainment and has created more 500 pantomime theatre shows.

He said……

“We are trying to create an event where a live stage show can encompass traditional values but also rival a big screen IMAX cinematic format.

“Since our first production of Cinderella at Birmingham in 2015 we are now producing in eight of the UK’s arenas with ever more spectacular effects and comedy each year.”

Jordan Conway as Scarecrow, Jenny Ryan as Glinda & Matt Baker as Wizard

THE WIZARD OF OZ tour heads off along the yellow brick road on Saturday 4th December at the Motorpoint Arena in Cardiff, and yes, it is a one night only thing, however, there are three shows that day – 11am, 3pm and 7:30pm. Tickets will fly quicker than the wicked witch on her broomstick. To get yours, go HERE.


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