Tell Us What You’re Looking Forward To Most

Tell Us What You're Looking Forward To Most
Welcome to the South Wales Life poll. In a world where everything we know, love and treasured most has been turned right on its head, we can only now begin to imagine a return to normality. A lot of us have spent lockdown with family or friends around us but others have gone through this on their own. As we plan for a return to the things we crave most, what would be at the top of your list? Are you missing a night on the town. A trip to the cinema with a great big bag of popcorn. Maybe it’s shopping for something other than the weekly groceries. Or perhaps getting out of the country all together and enjoying relaxation, other than that brought on by lockdown. Let us know which you would choose and we’ll publish the results after the Bank Holiday weekend.
Cinema & Theatre
Shopping (not food)
Restaurant & cafes
Meeting family & friends
Visiting another country
Gigs & Concerts
Going back to work/college

This poll has been finished and no longer available to vote !


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