Mallorca, like pretty much every other holiday destination around the world, has suffered with the effects of the pandemic, and continues to do so. But as we look forward to a better, and more positive year, what can we do, and expect if we go to this beautiful part of the world?

Mallorca is located in the westernmost Mediterranean and is actually the largest island in the Balearic archipelago. Its location on the maritime trade routes brought different cultures to the island over the centuries. Its legacy can be seen today through its monuments, traditions and gastronomy.

The tens of thousands of us from Wales who frequent the island not only enjoy its cultural heritage, but the food, atmosphere, and of course amazing weather it provides for our annual visit.

And that weather is pretty amazing.

Mallorca has a typical Mediterranean climate with warm temperatures in summer and mild temperatures in winter. In summer, daytime temperatures can usually exceed 30 °C, which is the sun and beach season. However, Mallorca offers more than 300 days of sunshine a year, so any time of year is good for visiting the island.

In spring and autumn the temperatures are usually pleasant, you can even enjoy a few days on the beach and are ideal for touring the island, visiting its tourist resources and also doing sports activities such as cycling and hiking. The winters are mild, perfect also to practice your favourite sport and enjoy an active holiday, or to discover the real island of calm as during this season there is less tourist inflow.

The water temperature ranges from 13 ºC in winter, 15-18 ºC in spring to over 20 ºC in summer. 

Maria Frontera has been the President of the Mallorca Hotels Federation since 2018. She studied in Ireland, England and the United States, and graduated in International Business before helping to run the family Hotel Marina in Soller. She was President of the Soller Hotel Federation, so it was a natural step to take charge of the islands Federation.

Our reporter in Mallorca, Richie Prior spoke to Maria to get her thoughts and views on probably the worst year in Mallorcan Tourism, but also the positivity in moving forward into next year. It’s a fascinating look into the tourism world in Mallorca.

If you’d like to find out more about Mallorca, and download some really useful information and plenty of free maps, just go here MALLORCA

We know that some people like to soak up the local traditions and choose to holiday on specific days. In addition to the 14 common holidays for all of Mallorca, each town has 2 more patronal feasts. The regular holidays are as follows……

  • 1 January: New Year
  • 6 January: Three Kings’ Day and Epiphany of the Lord
  • 1 March Day of the Balearic Islands
  • Maundy Thursday
  • Good Friday
  • Easter Monday
  • 1 May: Labour Day
  • 15 August: The Assumption of the Mother of God
  • 12 October: National Holiday
  • 1 November: All Saints’ Day
  • 6 December: Spanish Constitution Day
  • 8 December: The Immaculate Conception
  • 25 December: Christmas Day
  • 26 December: Second Christmas Party


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