Home-working (or hybrid working) right across South Wales is here to stay, it’s something we’ve become used to over the long months of lockdown. It seems most of us enjoy rolling out of bed, grabbing a cuppa and making it into our home office. Guys especially are making the working environment extra comfortable and embracing the joys of Working from Pants (WFP).

Of course it’s not all plain sailing. Zoom calls are the fly in our WFP ointment. It’s not just Zoom fatigue and our minds turning to mush. It’s the mouth-breathers, the face feeders, the never muters, the barking dogs and the sheer pointlessness of it all. “You’re on mute mate!”. Just ensure the pant wearing doesn’t become a regular feature of your high-powered work meeting.

Working From Pants (and socks)

Specialist men’s underwear website pantsandsocks.com has launched its guide to working from home – in your pants.

With home-working set to be a feature of our lives for many months to come and as the weather starts to warm-up, so the pants and socks specialist felt it needed to share its “Working from Pants” six point plan with the wider world.

The guys at Pants and Socks told us……

“It is our belief that there are very few activities that cannot be improved by doing them in your pants. But we understand that for some this can be fraught with danger – sitting in an online meeting in your pants needs thought and preparation.”

Walking to the home office

Of course, Working from Pants (WFP) is not a new thing, and nor is getting caught – just ask the Mayor of Antwerp. But as the world settles into hybrid working so the possibility of becoming a touch blasé increases as well.

The six tips are:

  1. Choose the right pants – boxers can always be passed off as “running shorts”
  2. Check there are no mirrors or reflective surfaces  
  3. Devise an exit strategy
  4. Beware random arm movements
  5. Don’t forget to wear your socks
  6. Avoid drinking alcohol
WFP Six Tips Guide

“So far, all the talk has been about “business dressing from the waist-up. We want to celebrate than sense of liberation you gain from not wearing trousers. It might be down to the cool air on your legs, the freedom of movement or simply the feeling of being just a bit.

“Naughty? – it’s an experience we would recommend.”

Pants and Socks is a website that aims to make the buying of men’s underwear as easy and straightforward as possible. It focuses on the major brands from Calvin Klein and Hugo Boss to Ted Baker and Tommy Hilfiger but also sells lines from a number of specialists including Hom, Jockey and Saxx.

If you’d like to find out more, or take a look at the Pants and Socks WFP (Working From Pants) survival guide, just go HERE.

pantsandsocks.com tell us they can’t be responsible for anybody Working from Pants who gets caught and reprimanded.

Just one bit of advice from us, Working From Pants is one thing, getting sporty and adventurous is another…..

Skateboarding from pants – not recommended


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