Yoga is one of those disciplines which has been around longer than all of us, 5000 years to be precise. Yet man still haven’t attempted it. Here in the SOUTH WALES LIFE office we were just one of those people, until we gave it a shot a few years ago. We have to be honest here, we went into it with a closed mind and came out of it just the opposite. It was a complete revelation.

group of people doing yoga cobra pose at studio

It can be as complex or basic as you like. You can be as bendy or rigid (like us) and it won’t matter. Whatever you go into Yoga for, it will help improve areas you never expected it too. For us, it was all about de-stressing and achieving a better nights sleep.

That’s why we want to tell you about YOGAKIDS. Anything that gets our youngsters away from a phone or games machine has to be good. We noticed this the other day, kids everywhere hunched over an electronic device, straining their neck, back and young eyes.

Don’t get us wrong, we are as surgically attached to our devices as everyone else but having a little escape, even once a week, has to be good for all of us. If we can do it as a family, so much the better.

Children are absolute naturals as well. They have great flexibility and are open to learning, and like all of us, feel better when they keep their young bodies moving.

So what are the benefits……..

  • Yoga is non-competitive, it teaches children that all bodies are different and that’s okay.
  • Teaches self-acceptance, yoga is for everyone and teaches them to accept what they can and cannot do. 
  • Gives you focus, teaches children attention and improves concentration.
  • Calming techniques young children deal with frustration by throwing tantrums, by learning breathing patterns you can deal with situations.
  • Supports positive mental health, they learn to be more resilient and accept and love themselves for who they are.
Female yoga teacher and schoolkids doing yoga in school

YOGAKIDS are based in Newport and offers Children, Teens, and Family Yoga classes. They do this in the community as well, in schools, private classes for additional needs and adhoc workshops. Yoga is great for children, building confidence and improving concentration, also for families to spend time together whilst increasing flexibility and building strength.

Mother and little daughter doing yoga together

They have lots of things going on at YOGAKIDS and earlier this year they had free events all over the region. Maybe the Thursday session would be a good place to star? The Family Yoga is at Rougemont School on Malpas Road Newport between 5 & 5:45pm. If you have a mat great, if not, they have some. You can find out more, right here. YOGAKIDS. We’re sure Georgia, who started these classes, would love to hear from you.


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