Fifteen contestants will make their way to the brand-new Young MasterChef kitchen, and show us if they’ve got what it takes to become the first Young MasterChef champion. Each episode, the contestants will be set a new challenge that’s set to take them out of their comfort zones, test their creativity and see who has what it takes to make it all the way to the end of the competition.

Fronted by judges, Poppy O’Toole and Kerth Gumbs, this new addition to the MasterChef universe will see an array of new and exciting challenges for the up-and-comers (all aged between 18 and 25), as well as feature well-known and world-renowned foodie guests throughout the series.

Poppy O’Toole and Kerth Gumbs

Over the competition, the young hopefuls will be put through their paces by a panel of expert judges and exciting guests as they undertake a variety of unique new challenges designed to push them to new culinary heights and reflect Britain’s food revolution – where a new generation of young foodies are rewriting the rules.

Amongst the contestants is 21 year old midwife Beth from Swansea who found her passion for cooking at an early age. The series has started and you can see the first episode with Beth cooking on the BBCiPlayer (no spoilers here).

We asked Beth about her earliest food memories.

“I grew up in Swansea with mum, dad, sister and dog Willow. Then went on the study midwifery in Oxford.

I have so many memories of making jam tarts with my mum and Welsh cakes with my gran, I spent a lot of my childhood in the kitchen and it brings back such lovely feelings when I think back to that time.”

How would you describe your style of cooking?

“I love a whole range, the first things I remember making where jam tarts, but then I quickly got into BBQ’ing with my dad when I was a bit older. If I had to say one type of food I’d say quite classic British cooking but I do like to mix it up too. I make food that food bring people together as I love how it can help transform how you feel in yourself. I love how food has no limits just by using a few ingredients you can make something sensational.”

What do you think you bring to the competition that’s unique?

“Through my training as a Midwife, and now in my current role I’ve had to deal with pressurised and stressful situations and remain calm. I like to think this is a good skill to have outside of my job as well, even in the heat of the kitchen.”

Swansea midwife Beth

Who is your cooking idol, and why?

“At home it’s my mum, and then celebrity wise, I love watching Gordon Ramsay, Rachel Ray and The Hairy Bikers I’ve watched them growing up and always tried to copy their recipes when I’ve been learning to cook. As I’ve become a little more experienced in cooking I’ve started putting my own spin on my favourite recipes which I love the challenge of.”

What inspired you to apply for Young MasterChef?

“I’ve always loved cooking and always wondered if I should have gone into it as a job. Entering in some ways tests me and pushes me to see if I am good enough.”

What does it feel like to be cooking in the MasterChef kitchen, and in the competition?

“It’s unreal to be cooking in the MasterChef kitchen, it’s so surreal and like nothing else. It’s incredible to think who has already cooked in this very place and now me!”

What is your food dream?

“I love my job as a Midwife, but I’d also love a food truck that I could go off on weekends to festivals and serve up good homely food to people.”

Young MasterChef is on BBC Three and you can catch up anytime on the BBC iPlayer HERE.