The guys at LET’S ROCK WALES have been working tirelessly to reschedule events and have now set a date for the Retro Festival for September. The great news is, the line up remains, with Adam Ant headlining.

Here’s the official statement from the team…..

We were hopeful when we rescheduled Lets Rock Wales last month but over the last couple of weeks it’s become apparent that rescheduling this year is just not possible.

The safety of you, our audience, is paramount so we can now confirm that Let’s Rock Wales which was rescheduled for Saturday 19th September 2020 will now be postponed to Saturday 5th June 2021.

The original line-up and venue remains exactly the same with Adam Ant headlining – just a year later than originally planned!

We ask that we work together in these uncertain times as our focus is to help keep the live event industry afloat, and keeping hold of your tickets for future shows helps to make this happen.

As retro festivals go this one is right up there with the best of them, with a line up which keep you entertained, and singing, from start to finish. First up, let’s give you a look back at last years event in Bristol.

Any excuse to bring out the old 80s wardrobe and wear it with pride

If you haven’t come across the LET’S ROCK events before, then shame on you. These guys have been doing this since 2009 and should definitely be on anyone’s ‘Must Do’ list. They are all about family-friendly music festivals, with events in Cookham (Berkshire), Norwich, Sunderland, Leeds, Exeter, Southampton, Liverpool, Scotland, Shrewsbury, Essex, Belfast and now back in Wales for a retro blast with the very best of the 80s!

So, the best the way to tell you who’s on is with a hefty helping of classic songs, starting with the headline act ADAM ANT. If you weren’t around at the time it’s hard to tell you just how massive a star Adam was. In fact, back in the day, I remember we ran a competition in Newcastle and the prize was an exclusive Meet & Greet with Adam and the band at their soundcheck.

This day I can’t remember seeing a pile of post like it (this is before email and text). We had thousands and thousand of entries and when I took the winners along to meet him, he was everything you would expect and hope for. As for the gig, it was a cross between pop concert and pantomime, with a full size pirate ship on stage. It was incredible and he was fantastic.

We’ve seen him since, and trust us, as a solo act he is equally awesome.

Martin Fry and ABC had one of the most iconic, and to this day, most played albums of its time. Lexicon Of Love produced so many hits and in fact was so successful that he released Lexicon Of Love II a few years ago. It too didn’t disappoint.

Carol Decker, lead singer with T’Pau has enjoyed huge success. For us here at SOUTH WALES LIFE, we remembering interviewing her right at the start of it all. They were supporting Bryan Adams at the time and there was a real buzz going round about the band. After the interview she asked if I wanted to go to the gig, of course it was a yes. Bryan was amazing, of course, but I have to say, the highlight of the night was watching T’Pau come on stage and win a packed City Hall crowd over on the space of two songs.

The line up for the day is seemingly endless and if you want to see exactly who is performing, go here. ROCK In the meantime, here’s our gallery of who you can see.

As for the tickets, well like most festivals there’s a range of options. From kids tickets through to VIP, all of them guaranteed to give you a great time, some of them providing a little more, luxury shall we say. But with a whole range of prices, there really is something for everyone. But as you can see, there are already sold out sections, so you’ll need to be quick to get the ones you’d like.

If you do for go a bit of VIP, this is what you’ll get.

And of course, there has to be a VIP Party……..

LET’S ROCK WALES gets to Tredegar Park in Newport on Saturday 18th September. Tickets are still available and if you’d like to get yours, go here. ROCK


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