Now lockdown is eased and we’re starting to enjoy the things we’ve missed over the last year, we really need something big to head our way. This is not only big but absolutely enormous. This will be an encounter like never before, and coming to town this summer.

Bute Park in Cardiff will be transformed into a Jurassic Park as Dinosaurs roam free in the Welsh capital this year. JURASSIC ENCOUNTER is an unmissable, family-friendly event – and will be here in South Wales as part of its UK debut, touring London, Birmingham, Glasgow and Cardiff from 24th July until 7th November. 

Jurassic Encounter – heading to Bute Park this summer

Step back in time to an era when dinosaurs roamed the earth. As you explore the park, beware the dinosaurs at every twist and turn along the route. They will be hiding in the bushes, grazing in the tree tops and towering above your heads…..

Jurassic Encounter promises to offer visitors a truly unique and amazing family day out and encounter dinosaurs of all shapes and sizes from the Jurassic, Triassic and Cretaceous periods as they stare down at you from a great height.

When we say it’s big, just take a look at the video below…..

Jurassic Encounter is simply a place where dinosaurs come to life. 50 life-sized animatronic dinosaurs from the Jurassic, Triassic and Cretaceous periods. Each dinosaur has robotic moving body parts and jaws opening wide, with realistic roaring sound effects.

In fact, you remember the first time you saw the dinosaurs in that classic movie all those years ago? Well, this will be like that, only so much better because you and the kids can get right up close and personal.

Naz Kabir is one of the team behind this MAMMOTH undertaking. We put a Zoom call in to him to find out more this spectacular experience. The organisers were preparing to move the event into London, prior to heading along the M4 to move into Bute Park in Cardiff.


Each of the cities will play host to prehistoric playgrounds, featuring more than 50 animatronic dinosaur scenes, including a fearsome, 18m tall T-Rex that breathes and sways its tail as it hunts for prey; an Iguanodon’s furious battle against a Deinonychus; Pterosaurs that screech as they soar through the trees; a 15m tall Brachiosaurus, guarding her eggs and a 16m long Diplodocus, who cries out to passers by.

You’ll be able to get really close to some of the most fascinating beasts ever to roam the earth, with the promise of an encounter with a meticulously life-like dinosaur around every corner of the beautiful parkland trails.

For two weeks, the picturesque banks of the River Taff will become a watering hole for the majestic creatures, providing the perfect summer holiday treat.

Jurassic Encounter – Get up close and personal with dinosaurs

As well as being a thrilling day out for guests young and old, Jurassic Encounter will make education a fun and hands-on experience through a host of interactive exhibits. Children will be invited to become Palaeontologists for the day by climbing inside dinosaur eggs, digging up dinosaur bones in an excavation pit; dodging the spray of a Dilophosaurus and even riding on the backs of baby Triceratops.

Families will be invited to explore the picturesque parks, where creatures lurk around the woodlands, gardens, ponds and paths, ready to roar or lunge.

A thrilling Virtual Reality experience will also allow guests to explore the Prehistoric, Triassic and Cretaceous periods. And for those who want to relax after walking the perilous path through the dinosaurs’ domain, a refreshment area will offer street food. 

Naz Kabir, spokesperson for Jurassic Encounter told us…….

“Dinosaurs have always captured the imagination of children and adults alike, and Jurassic Encounter will be a fantastic, interactive way to learn more about these fascinating creatures.

“We can’t wait to welcome our guests – and our Prehistoric visitors – to parks up and down the UK this year.”

The JURASSIC ENCOUNTER tour begins in London at the start of the summer holidays and gets to us here in Bute Park in Cardiff from Saturday 21st August to Sunday 5th September.

Tickets are on sale now. Prices start at £11.50 and advanced booking is advised, although walk-ups will be admitted, subject to availability.

A special, early bird discount is available for one month, by entering the code EARLYBIRD20 at the checkout. 

Jurassic Encounter Prices

If you’d like to book tickets and get more information, go here – JURRASIC ENCOUNTER.


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