The launch of Plantasia Tropical Zoo’s ‘Jungle Lock-in’, the World’s most dangerous escape game, has had an unprecedented response from would-be gamers. Plantasia thanks those who inquired for the interest, but this was in fact an APRIL FOOL.

The Tropical Zoo in Swansea City Centre loves to have fun, and interact with its guests and followers, and this is just another example of this. It is a follow on from the 2022 April Fool, where hundreds of our followers volunteered to exercise our crocodiles by taking them for a walk on Swansea Beach. 

Happy April Fools Day

Of course, Plantasia Tropical Zoo loves to have a bit of fun with its guests, but the key fundamentals of the business would prohibit anything like this occurring. Along with its Conservation and Educational objectives, animal welfare and guest safety is of paramount importance. Letting dangerous animals loose within the confines of the Zoo would never happen. 

Anthony Williams, Attraction Manager told us……

“Engagement with our followers is extremely important for the long term success of our Zoo, and when the time is right, why not have a bit of fun with our interactions. April Fools Day is a good time for this, and this story was a perfect one to do following the recent successful launch of Jungle Escape, the World’s biggest escape game.

Whilst it is all in good jest, it is not something we would ever actually do. Animal welfare and safety is extremely important, and we hope our followers agree, and at the same time appreciate the fun April Fool.”

For those who enjoyed the story, and like the idea of an Escape Room with a difference, they could try Jungle Escape. This is officially the World’s biggest 60 minute Escape Game, launched successfully by Plantasia Tropical Zoo in early February. To find out more, visit HERE

You can see our visit to Jungle Escape – HERE.