If you live in and around Swansea there’s a chance you’ve come across The Escape Game on Samlet Road in Llansamlet. A place where you can enter one of four rooms for an hour long, interactive adventure.

We’re also fairly certain you’ll have come across, or indeed spent time in PLANTASIA TROPICAL ZOO, right in the heart of Swansea City Centre. It’s always a great place to drop into with the kids. Actually, when we say drop in, it’s more than likely that you’ll spend a good half day there as there’s so much to see and do, like stepping through a giant tree in a real rainforest.

Now, Plantasia, managed by Parkwood Leisure, have teamed up with The Escape Game to launch the world’s biggest and most unique 60 minute JUNGLE ESCAPE.

Not only is it the biggest but they tell us it’s “the most unique escape game out there”, where adventurers will need to find clues, solve puzzles, and complete challenges, to escape the jungle itself.

That’s a huge claim and here at South Wales Life we figured there’s only way way to see if they’re right. We went along to take part in the Jungle Escape ourselves. 60 minutes with a very eager team of fellow adventurers. The amazing news is, and I’ve got to be honest, slightly surprising, is that we were the first team to complete the challenge within the allotted time.

After our adventure we spoke to the victorious team, and Plantasia Attraction Manager Anthony Williams.


Jungle Escape has been designed to appeal to all of us who like and adventurous challenge as well as bolster the zoo’s offering of corporate experiences, adding to the room hire and team-building days currently on offer.

With 60 minutes on the clock, those who enter Jungle Escape will need to navigate their way through the rainforest zoo and be aware of the more dangerous inhabitants, such as crocodiles, tarantulas, and leopard cats!

They’ll also need to find clues, solve puzzles and complete challenges, all whilst avoiding the dangers of the jungle itself in order to escape. Jungle Escape will be an exclusive game, operating on limited evenings when the day operation finishes. Suitable for participants aged 12+, in groups of 2-8, the escape experience is perfect for friends, family, team building, and special occasions. Its engaging, fun and immersive challenges certainly provide an ‘escape’ from reality.

The game will be offered to escape room enthusiasts, and anyone looking for new and unique experiences. From only £18 per person, you’ll all be able to take part in the game from Friday 3rd February.

Unlock your Jungle Escape from Friday 3rd February

Glen Hall, Managing Director at Parkwood Leisure told us…..

“To bolster our educational and conservation objectives, we constantly strive for new and innovative experiences for guests that visit Plantasia. We are confident this new experience will be a great addition to the business, and we are proud to boast it will be the biggest of its kind in the world. Following successful trials, we look forward to welcoming groups from February 2023.”

Plantasia is run by Parkwood Leisure on behalf of Swansea Council. Council cabinet member Robert Francis-Davies said…..

“It’s great to see Plantasia joining forces with a local business to bring the public another innovative offer. Swansea is becoming known as a place of top class entertainment – and Jungle Escape adds another exciting opportunity.”

If you’d like to plan your perfect Jungle Escape, you can get more details HERE.