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We hope you enjoy reading and listening to South Wales Life, if you do, then we’d love you to be a part of our journey.

We are all about the people who interact with us, our audience who live, work and play in this amazing region of ours. Over the last few years we have developed a feel for what our audience likes, and enjoy reading.

We have recently won the prestigious Wales LIFESTYLE MAGAZINE OF THE YEAR for 2021/22, so we must be doing something right.

We can offer you experience and a chance to get your work in front of our audience.


If you have a desire to write in our magazine we’d love to hear from you. You may want to a review of a gig, show or movie, interview performers, tell us about some of your favourite places around South Wales. Whatever you’d like to do we’d love to hear from you. Email us and we’ll be back in touch soon.


Our sister station is on air right now, you can listen online, on our dedicated APP, or indeed just ask ALEXA or GOOGLE to play South Wales Life. We are ready to take the station to the next level, so if you have a passion for music, something to say about the place we live, or feel you could sit down and chat and interview someone. then get in touch.

We also have room for those who love the idea of being in radio but don’t actually want to be on air. You could manage our station, be a music programmer, or indeed help us spread the word.


We are highly professional but always keep it simple. If it’s on in South Wales, there’s a fair chance it will be in South Wales Life.

No matter how small or large your project or event is, it deserves a place on our pages. As much effort goes in to organising a local charity event as a large County Show, so why shouldn’t they be given coverage to an eager audience?


The one thing you may have noticed is that our pages aren’t filled with adverts, pop-ups or anything that gets in the way of what our audience are trying to read. We do however run a business and need to operate it that way.

Prior to the first lockdown we were set to move into our second phase, launching a sister radio station to compliment our magazine.

8 days from this the world changed, and so did our business plans. We published a Pandemic Special and covered almost entirely the ever-changing, and developing situation.

We needed to amend our business considerably to meet the demands. We took NO ADVERTISING or SPONSORSHIP and handed over our entire operation to South Wales to use as they needed.

We still adopt this business practice, accepting this will have to change, but for now, we continue to make our magazine and station a self-financed operation, to support the country back into normality.


Whilst we do run a business we will work with select brands and organisations through developing partnerships, which build a loyalty amongst our audience while supporting your business and help you grow. If you have a service our readers would benefit from and are looking to increase sales, look no further than to promote yourself in this incredible South Wales area.

We like to build longevity with our partnerships sponsors. Everything will be personally tailored to your business needs. Your branding can be included in specific stories or items, you can even look to sponsor a regular monthly or weekly feature, which will be known as ‘YOUR’ item. All associated social media coverage, content and more will be linked to your brand.

Your commitment to South Wales Life will allow us to support businesses and life in South Wales.

The partnerships with our

We can help you find new customers through reasonably priced, specifically targeted sponsorship, partnership and advertising opportunities.

EMAIL us for more details and to arrange a chat.