After many years working in the entertainment media (TV, Radio, Press & PR) I had spent a lifetime doing things for other people but never really happy with the way information was presented to the audience. It was like the journalist or presenter was detached from the information they were giving, when in fact, the reporter is as much about a region and what goes on in it, as the reader.

I also felt there was a need for a magazine to reflect all of South Wales, something I would like to read, with information relevant to me, my family and friends. And so South Wales Life was born.

In just two short years we have gone from zero to winning the prestigious title of Wales LIFESTYLE MAGAZINE OF THE YEAR for 2021/222. Something we are incredibly proud of, and a little bit shocked if we’re being honest, considering who was in the running.

We are a lifestyle and events magazine serving the South Wales region. With a population of around 2.2 million, almost three-quarters of the whole of Wales.

No matter how small or large your project or event is, it deserves a place on our pages. As much effort goes into organising a local charity fayre, as a large County Show, so why shouldn’t they be given coverage to an eager audience?

Shows, gigs, special events, places, and people of South Wales all find a place in our magazine.

Prior to the first lockdown we were set to move into our second phase, launching a sister radio station.

8 days from this the world changed, and so did our business plans. We published a Pandemic Special and handed over our online presence almost entirely to the ever-changing situation.

We needed to amend our business considerably to meet the demands. We took NO ADVERTISING or SPONSORSHIP and handed over our entire operation to South Wales to use as they needed.

We still adopt this business practice accepting this will have to change, but for now, we continue to make this a self-financed operation, to support the country back into normality.

We adopt a very different style to the more traditional operations. Our writing is more personal. Our contributors are part of this region and enjoy the things they are writing about, just as much as our readers. And we like to thing we are pretty diverse in our content.

Entertainment • What’s On • Events • Music • Theatre • Family • Travel • Food & Drink • Sport

With daily updated details of what’s happening, where and when. With places to visit, eat, stay, do, watch and take part in. We are a truly comprehensive guide to all that is part of life in South Wales. 

Take a look at our original launch video below – it may be a couple of years old but we think we still deliver all it promised.