It was a day the organisers of South Wales charity BEAUTEOUS thought would never arrive. Having successfully made the female calendar, pre-lockdown, the lads had to wait for restrictions to ease before they had their turn to dress in their finest, in support of the mental health charity MIND.

They are a small group of models, photographers, and media skilled people. Their aim is to use these skills to help others and support and raise money for a selected charity, helping support new models with portfolio content, and also helping new photographers with something to shoot.

It was a little different for the guys too, with social distancing very much in place. Efforts were put in to keeping everyone safe and protected, while at the same time ensuring a good time was had by all, and some great pictures were captured.

Take a look at our original feature about the GIRLS photoshoot and you’ll meet the team behind Beauteous. You’ll see they are all about focusing on body image, and how negative thoughts and comments can have a damaging effect on our confidence and lives.

When SOUTH WALES LIFE arrived today, we were greeted by the inevitable safety checks, before we were even allowed through the door. The planning by the organisers was meticulous too, not only with the appropriate health and safety equipment, but in keeping 24 blokes in check before they took their turn in front of the camera.

BEAUTEOUS is a charitable organisation, and their first event was an an ambitious one, a charity calendar photoshoot to promote body confidence in women. They told us back then they would be doing a male calendar in the future. What they didn’t account for was a pandemic getting in the way of their plans.

At the first opportunity, and after taking professional advice, they eventually recruited the models, some of them never having done it before, and spent the day shooting photographs for the next calendar.

Take a look at the video to see what went on today, and to find out more about Beauteous and how they are supporting Mind.

As Natasha mentioned in the video, they have a Model Showcase, Black Tie Dinner lined up for 22nd November in Cardiff, we’ll tell you more about that in due course. The long term aim of Beauteous is to support more charities through future events, with the next being cancer research. 

If you’d like to find out more about them, and keep in touch with what they’re doing, just go here BEAUTEOUS