Lingerie is usually a popular choice for February 14th, but the nation’s women are divided between dressing up and dressing for comfort. And what men think women want, isn’t always the case. So this year, with no going out, let get the lingerie right for our night in.

The weather may be freezing cold this weekend, but we suspect things will be hotting up on Valentine’s Day with a whole new feel to the celebrations. Just because we can’t go out to mark the occasion doesn’t mean we shouldn’t make an effort. Suit and tie, following a decent wash and brush up for the men, and something altogether equally appropriate for the women.

Lingerie is a key part of any woman’s wardrobe, and usually a staple of the gift giving generation, but while a surprise is always a nice treat, you need to make sure it’s one the woman in your life will approve of.

According to M&S black, red and pink are still top of the colour pops, but gold is slipping in there as well this year. Camisoles and French Knickers have been really popular here in South Wales, and incredibly, sales of black stockings are up 200% online. So much so that many places are actually sold out.

How you feel when you dress is so important, and it seems lingerie is helping give a real confidence boost too. Enchanting detail is really in this year, including embroidered sections, pretty bows and delicate lace patterns. Plunge bras and suspender belts, with matching thongs and briefs are a must-have, with a romantic colour scheme to finish the set off.

Eyelash Lace High Waist Brazilian Knickers (£8)

You may not instantly know the name Soozie Jenkinson, but she certainly is in millions of homes around the country (kind of). She is single-handedly responsible for dressing more women in the world than any other designer – she shapes, moulds, holds us in and pushes us up.

Soozie is head of lingerie design at Marks & Spencer, where one in three British women buy their underwear. This is a figure which is really difficult to get your head around, although your bottom clearly will, M&S sells 61 million pairs of knickers a year. That means more than a quarter of all pants and bras sold in the UK are from the store and ultimately Sozzie’s responsibility. M&S sells three times as much underwear as its nearest competitor, Primark.

Soozie Jenkins – M&S

With Valentine’s almost here, we’ve been chatting to Soozie to get the Lingerie Lowdown.


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