Iconic pop singer and songwriter MARTI PELLOW is back with his brand-new ‘Popped In Souled Out’ arena tour, hitting the Utilita Arena in Cardiff tomorrow, March 22nd.

It follows the two fastest-selling shows of his career – at the legendary London Palladium and Glasgow’s SEC Armadillo. He put tickets on sale for an orchestral version of the four-times-platinum record and both shows sold out instantly – with fans demanding more.

Marti Pellow

Marti told us….

“I decided if I was going to do it, it had to be something special, so I agreed to do a one-off at the London Palladium, an iconic venue. I thought it would be a great thing to do, as much for myself as for the fans.

It was the fastest-selling ticket of my career. Then the fanbase came up from Scotland and said ‘If you don’t do this in Scotland, then don’t bother coming back.’ And that was just from family. So I put that on sale in Scotland, and once again it was the fastest-selling show of my career – it sold out the same morning.

Then people demanded more shows. It’s such an exciting project for me. I’ve found it inspirational. Popped In Souled Out was my first successful record, it was my debut album, and it took me around the world. It facilitated all those dreams I had. It was the catalyst for everything.”

In fact, here’s Marti breaking the news himself……..

Marti Pellow Instagram

The arena tour follows the successful release of Marti’s book, Pellow Talk, and a run of spoken word shows, all of which also sold out.

Now he’s set to take the UK by storm with his upcoming tour dates in celebration of the 1987 multi-million selling Popped In Souled Out album which established Marti and Wet Wet Wet as one of the greatest talents to ever come out of Scotland. The record earned him a BRIT Award and four platinum discs in the UK alone.

This tour will see Marti bring a truly unique experience for audiences, playing alongside the ‘Love To Love’ orchestra, performing material from the iconic debut album that includes many of the most memorable tracks of a generation, such as “Wishing I Was Lucky”, “Sweet Little Mystery,” “Angel Eyes” and “Temptation.”

Marti added…….

“To be able to do orchestrated versions, with strings, has been so inspiring. I believe that these songs are my future, not just my past. It’s the album that just keeps giving to me. I know when people hear these songs, it will take them to a time and a place. There’ll be people in the audience who fell in love to this music.”

Marti has recently finished a successful run as Rat Man in the panto in Birmingham – the picture we’ve included below is fantastic.

As the frontman for Wet Wet Wet during the height of their fame and right through to his solo career, he continues to bring in big crowds wherever he performs.

Marti joined the band in 1982, while he was training to be a painter and decorator. His mates knew him as Mark McLachlan, but it wasn’t long before he became the Marti Pellow we’ve followed for over 30 years now.

Although Marti is Scottish we can find a small Welsh link. The band name Wet Wet Wet was chosen from a line in the 1982 Scritti Politti song ‘Gettin’ Havin’ & Holdin” (it’s tired of joking… wet, wet with tears). For those of us in the know, Scritti’s lead singer, Green Gartside is a South Wales boy. I didn’t say it was a good Welsh link…..

Marti sang on Wet Wet Wet’s biggest hits, including ‘Sweet Little Mystery‘, ‘Angel Eyes‘ and and for those of us who were on the radio back then, ‘Temptation‘. I mention the radio thing as the album version had a sweary in it and caught a few of us out back in the day.  

Away from Popped in Souled Out, the band also had the monster hit ‘Love is All Around‘ from the movie Four Weddings and a Funeral.

Popped in Souled Out (tracklist)

  • Wishing I Was Lucky
  • East Of The River
  • I Remember
  • Angel Eyes (Home And Away)
  • Sweet Little Mystery
  • I Don’t Believe (Sonny’s Letter)
  • Temptation
  • I Can Give You Everything
  • The Moment You Left Me

I did spend a little time with Marti when he was playing the devil in The Witches of Eastwick tour many years ago. I know people say things like this, but he really is the nicest, easy-going guy you’ll meet, and boy can he sing live.

MARTI PELLOW gets to the Utilita Arena in Cardiff on Friday March 22nd. For complete tour and ticket information and more visit HERE.