AH HA! ALAN PARTRIDGE is back with his first live shows for almost a decade, and after so much lockdown and confusion in the world, he has a STRATAGEM for our future (don’t ask, we don’t know either). He tells us the show promises to inform, educate and entertain in approximately equal measure.

Love him or loathe him, we all love Alan Partridge.

Alan’s live stage show starring the award-winning multi-hyphenate Steve Coogan kick off next Spring, and gets to the Motorpoint Arena on the 29th May.

Over a multi-decade broadcasting career, this wonderful and surprisingly well-read man has brought delight to millions. And now, in a time of discord and disease, Alan is touring with a message of hope.

Steve Coogan’s creation Alan Partridge has been for an incredible thirty years now and he shows no signs of slowing down. In fact, just when we thought he was taking early retirement, Alan came back with a movie, Podcast, YouTube series and more TV shows than ever, proving you can’t keep an ‘good’ broadcaster down.

Steve seems to have planning this show for a while, last year he told Digital Spy…..

“I’m gonna do a live show in a couple of years. I wanna go out on the road and do a Ted Robbins-style, Alan helping people sort their lives out.”

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“It’s not ‘Steve Coogan On Tour’, it’s Alan Partridge. It’s his roadshow, the things he’s learned in his life.”

Steve stressed at the time that he won’t be reprising any of his other characters on the tour.

We did actually see Steve a few years ago on one of those shows where we were treated to all of his famous creations, and while they were all great, it was really the Partridge we wanted. So now, a full on tour, with Alan preaching to the converted, is just what we need in these troubled times.

Steve said…..

“We’ve had Alan in our ears and on our screens, now let’s have him right in our face.”

Alan Partridge – Stratagem

Wearing a head-mic favoured by TED talkers, market hawkers, TV evangelists, backing singers and carnival barkers, Alan combines all these roles and more. It’s a manifesto for the way we can move forward, a roadmap to a better tomorrow, an ABC for the way to be.

Devised, written, choreographed, performed, and funded by Alan Partridge, Stratagem sees Alan not just treading the boards but pounding them, atop stages graced by such luminaries as Michael Ball, Jack Whitehall and Welsh rockers the Stereophonics.

So join Alan, live on stage, (though patrons are asked not to join Alan live on stage) as he brings STRATAGEM to South Wales – and heaven help us all.

STRATAGEM WITH ALAN PARTRIDGE will get to the Motorpoint Arena in Cardiff on May 29th 2022. Tickets will go fast so make sure you’re in line when they go on sale this Saturday at 9am. If you’d like to find out more and to get yourself tickets, just go HERE. #AlanPartidgeLive

We also understand that Alan is set to return for a second series of spoof TV magazine show This Time and will front his own documentary series for the BBC.

This Time (BBC)

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