As the nights get darker, and the weather colder, we all start to look forward to that spooky time of year. Halloween is now a huge favourite in our calendar, with more of us really celebrating the occasion with family and friends.

One way to do that in style is The CARDIFF PUMPKIN FESTIVAL which runs from Saturday 14th through to the big night itself, the 31st October.


With over 30,000 pumpkins in every shape and size imaginable, thrilling fairground rides, enthralling maize trails, captivating live entertainment, mouth-watering food, play areas and an array of pumpkin games, the Daytime Pumpkin Festival is the ultimate halloween destination. The organisers have promised us days filled with laughter, excitement, and a touch of spooky magic!

​When the sun sets, the adventure continues with the Twilight Pumpkin Festival experience. Roam through the pumpkin-lit pathways, surrounded by the warm glow of fire pits and mesmerising fire display. And be prepared for some extra spooky surprises that will send shivers down your spine! It’s an enchanting evening for the whole family to enjoy.

​But wait, there’s more! For the brave souls among you, on select nights, we invite you to enter our heart-pounding Scare Fest. This bone-chilling experience, designed for those aged 14 and above, dares you to venture into our horror haunt and maze. Are you ready to face your deepest fears and navigate through a labyrinth of terror?

So what can we expect this year?


  • PUMPKIN PATCH – Take your pick from over 30,000 pumpkins
  • MUCHKIN PUMPKIN PATCH – A magical haven for the littlest adventurers
  • FAIRGROUND RIDES – Experience the nostalgic charm and excitement of classic rides and exhilarating games
  • PUMPKIN GAMES – Games like pumpkin bowling, pumpkin noughts and crosses, and pumpkin checkers
  • MAIZE TRAIL –  Embark on an exciting adventure through the mesmerising maize trail!
  • WITCH & WIZARD SCHOOL – Dive into a world of imagination as you learn the secrets of wand crafting, spellbook design, and more

There’s also plenty of food, with drinks from the pumpkin bar. Pumpkin carving, lots of live entertainment and make sure your phone is fully charged to grab those brilliant photo opportunities.

Daytime Festival


  • TWILIGHT PUMPKIN PATCH – Experience the magic of pumpkin picking under the moonlit sky!
  • FIRE PITS – Grab some marshmallows and get roasting as you savor the simple pleasures of this delightful fireside experience
  • FIRE DISPLAY – Marvel at the mesmerising flames as they dance and flicker, creating a captivating visual spectacle against the dark sky
  • TORCH-LIT MAIZE TRAIL – While there won’t be any surprises jumping out at you, the darkness adds to the spooky atmosphere
  • NEON SPIDER QUEST – The twisting labyrinth will challenge your wits as you follow the glowing spider clues

And with all the food, fairground rides and fun you’ll enjoy through the day, the night brings an added thrill to the experience.

Twilight Festival

SCARE FEST – Oh yes, what Halloween would be complete without a good old scare……

  • THE VEILED COVEN– A coven of witches stir. Driven by envy for those who have found love, they are twisted, vengeful beings
  • BIOHAZARD APOCALYPSE – Face your fears and test your resolve in the pulse-pounding journey through Biohazard Apocalypse
  • TAROT READINGS –  Skilled mystics guide you through the ancient cards, offering insights and revelations

There’s all the entertainment and food you get at other times, with the added bonus of being at night and a little bit scary.

Scare Fest

The CARDIFF PUMPKIN FESTIVAL runs from Saturday14th through to Tuesday 31st October at Coedarhydyglyn Park, near Culverhouse Cross, St. Nicholas. There are various times for the Daytime, Twilight and Scare Fest. They also have a variety of prices, depending on when you want to go and what you want to see. There is plenty of car parking too, which does come with a ‘per car’ charge.

For all the details and prices go – HERE.

Incidentally, they are currently on the look out for incredible people to join the team and help deliver Cardiff Pumpkin Festival. They have both volunteer and paid roles available, including actors, site entertainment and front of house team members. You can get those details HERE.