Think Abergavenny and there’s a chance you’ll also think of amazing food. Great places to eat, a thriving market and regular street food events and of course, biggest of all, the ABERGAVENNY FOOD FESTIVAL.

The sun shone for the opening day today and we were there to soak up the atmosphere, meet the crown and team who make it all happen, and of course, sample some incredible food.

Think Indian Cuisine and one name instantly comes to mind and that is CYRUS TODIWALA. He’s been a regular favourite on out TV screens for more years than we remember, but actually, has been a welcome visitor to the festival for even more, as he told us today.


Abergavenny Food Festival enjoys an exceptional reputation as a place for chefs, food businesses, journalists, farmers and food producers to come together. They are known for being an inclusive and welcoming event, delivering a delicious opportunity for people from all walks of life to explore and learn about food

The Festival is a place to explore and learn about food, and eat a little more than you think you can. There’s a huge programme of activities, including tastings, masterclasses, hands-on cookery lessons and debates and there is so much for the kids’ to see and do. If it’s food related you can bet Abergavenny has it all.

If you’ve never been to this festival before, don’t for one minute think it’s a load of stalls selling delicious food – well, it is that, but so much more. Through their outstanding programme of activities, including product tastings, kids’ activities, masterclasses, hands-on cookery lessons and topical debates, the ABERGAVENNY FOOD FESTIVAL provides the inside track on food issues, offer new ideas about the future of our food and showcase rising stars emerging from the industry.

The Festival prides itself on transforming the way we all think about our food; challenging and promoting new ideas, pushing the boundaries of current thinking and encouraging us to look differently at where our food comes from.

ABERGAVENNY FOOD FESTIVAL continues tomorrow (18th September). As you can imagine it will be busy, as the festival is spread all across town and up to the Castle. It’s really worth a visit anytime (as long as you pre-buy your wristband).

For more details CLICK HERE.

As the opening night party in Abergavenny Castle came to a close, the fireworks lit up the cold night sky.

Enjoy our pictures from high above the town.