TICKETS FOR TROOPS has been around for over ten years now and although they are very well established, we thought we’d hand a SOUTH WALES LIFE page over to them as they do such an amazing job in bringing a whole host of events to those who are such an important part of our country.

As you can imagine it’s been a tough time for this organisation throughout the last year and a half, but the work they do, and service they offer, is so supportive to our Armed Forces.

Since they were established the charity has distributed almost one and a half million tickets to members of HM Armed Forces to attend events all around the UK.

The aim of the charity has always been to provide those who serve in HM’s Armed Forces, those medically discharged post 2001 and the next of kin of those who have passed as a result of their service, with the opportunity to attend events with their friends and family when they are off work. It’s about showing the troops how much their service is appreciated by their country and allow them to make lasting memories, especially as they often miss out on so many other key moments with their loved ones.

This is how it works. You are eligible to apply for tickets through Tickets for Troops if….

  • You are a serving member of HM Armed Forces
  • Have been medically discharged from the Forces since the commencement of military action in Afghanistan in 2001
  • You have been awarded a medical pension by the Ministry of Defence and discharged after 2001
  • You are the next of kin to a service person who has died as a result of their service

Serving members include both Regulars and Reserves, membership is not open to Cadet Forces. Serving members must have a valid MoD 90 (Service ID Card) and Service ID number to register and use the tickets available on this site. Those who have been medically discharged must enter the Service ID Number issued to them whilst serving in the HM Forces. You will be required to verify that you are eligible to use Ticket For Troops. 

Usually, for us to list every event they have tickets for would simply take too long, at the moment that list is a little diminished. They cover pretty much any interest, from football and rugby (including your favourite teams). Tennis, Cricket and Horse Racing.

There are comedy events like Jack Whitehall and Jethro. Music, such as The Rod Steward Story, The Northern Chamber Orchestra, Years and Years and Celine Dion. And top shows from Pantomime, Les Miserables, Mary Poppins and Phantom.

TICKETS FOR TROOPS continues to benefit from a huge wave of generosity from ticket donors, patrons and advisory board who provide these fantastic opportunities. We are all entirely grateful to them for their loyalty and for demonstrating their on-going support towards the marvellous and dedicated men and women of our Armed Forces.

You can check them out on Facebook for the latest information. If you’d like to register, get more details and start getting hold of tickets, go to their site here. TICKETS


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