As regular readers know we are huge supporters of the sensory friendly movie screenings our cinemas have been running. We are thrilled to tell you that the team at TREETOP ADVENTURE GOLF in Cardiff are doing the same, with their ‘Quiet Sessions.’

The world is a busy, loud, and sometimes overwhelming place. As a result, people look for ways to enjoy life.  In addition, people want to avoid sensory overload. 

This is a whole new experience for mini golfers who prefer a calmer game. There’s a hush in the rainforest on the second Sunday of every month. There’ll be no background buzz or flashing lightning, and even the Sacred Mask takes it down to a whisper.

These sessions are a monthly experience to ensure that all guests can create treasured memories in the rainforest without having to worry about sensory overload.

The Quiet Sessions will be held on the second Sunday of every month between 9 and 11am.

They are for those visitors who prefer a quieter and less visually stimulating experience. What we love about the rainforest is the bright lights and incredible immersive sounds, for many this is a lovely experience, but not everyone is comfortable with that sort of environment. 

The idea is really simple, the sound effects and music will be turned off, not just around the courses, but elsewhere in the venue. The idea being to create a more peaceful jungle journey for the players, while always keeping the fun at maximum level.

General Manager at Treetop Adventure Golf in Cardiff is Tom Lewis, he told us…… 

“We’re so pleased to be launching our Quiet Sessions again. It’s important that all guests feel welcome at Treetop, so we’re really proud to be taking this next step in making our jungle accessible for everyone. Our Quiet Sessions are open to all guests and there’s no need to book in advance – you can just turn up and tee off.

From reducing our sound effects, music and lighting levels to admitting fewer guests, we’re confident that our Quiet Sessions will be a great way for more people to experience the magic of Treetop than ever before!Plus, we’re always looking for ways to be more inclusive to suit the needs of our guests and can’t wait to explore other ways that we can adapt the Treetop experience accordingly in the coming weeks and months.”

Treetop Adventure Golf Cardiff

We also spoke to the experts at Sensory Friendly Solutions, who told us that friendly, in this context, means a change to the experience. Basically the experience becomes more pleasant overall. Sensory-friendly tries to be calmer. It is is less intense or extreme.

They say that sensory-friendly helps people with different underlying conditions, maybe those with anxiety, autism, concussion, hearing loss, PTSD, and sensory processing disorder. But in a world which sometimes overloads our senses, escaping the extremes can often be a good thing.

The next Quiet Session at Treetop Adventure will be held between 9 and 11am. Outside of that they have plenty of other sessions for everyone, including special events for the school holidays. You can find them on Level 3 at St David’s in Cardiff. The nice thing is, you just turn up and play.

  • Sunday 12th February 9am – 11am
  • Sunday 12th March 9am – 11am

For more details head to their site HERE.

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