Following rave reviews at London’s Garrick Theatre, the fabulous killer comedy and smash hit sold out sensation DEATH DROP will be sashaying its way into the New Theatre, Cardiff from tomorrow – Wednesday 20th to Saturday 23rd October.

This rampant, raucous, ridiculous romp of a murder mystery serves up all the drama, comedy, twists and turns you’ll ever need!

Now Death Drop might sound like your classic murder mystery but I can tell you, it’s most certainly not. It’s a full-on murder mystery starring some of the most recognisable drag performers from all over the world. 

The production will star Ru-Paul USA drag legends Willam and Ra’Jah O’Hara and Drag Race Down Under star Karen From Finance. This is in addition to Drag Race UK star Vinegar Strokes who reprises her originating West End role, together with the brilliant Holly Stars and a full cast of leading drag performers: Apple Derrieres, Richard Energy and George Orell.

And it’s two of the stars we spoke to on the phone today as they arrived into Cardiff, having just munched on an unhealthy amount of Welsh Cakes I might Add.

Karen From Finance and Holly Stars, who also wrote this new comedy, based on an idea by Christopher D. Clegg, told us about the story, the tour, and the huge amount of outfits they travel around with.


Set in 1991, a group of guests gather on the mysterious Tuck Island for a dinner party like no other – to celebrate Princess Diana and Prince Charles’ tenth wedding anniversary. I feel we could just stop there as I’m sure you get where the show is going.

No one knows the host or why they have been summoned. But before they can figure it out, they start mysteriously dying – one by one.

Perfect whodunit you’re thinking – well yes, except this is more Dragatha Christie than Agatha……

The suspense begins to build up once they reveal their dodgy pasts, resulting in savage confrontation and ferociously fierce fingerpointing. One by one, the guests lip sync for their lives, leading up to a grand finale of epic proportions where we hilariously find out who dun it! 

So, onto the cast, most of whom you’ll know from the telly…….

Death Drop (Matt Crockett)

VINEGAR STROKES is reprising the role she originated to rave reviews. Vinegar is excited about this new touring version because it gives her ‘new things to play with…….

“Everyone’s amazing, everyone’s gorgeous, everyone’s getting their characters together and we’ve all been drunk together already.’

‘I just told them I wanted more rhinestones and more camp… and they said, “We can accommodate those requests”!

Vinegar plays Lady Von Fistenberg, ‘the lady of the manor on Tuck Island. She’s a very rich, wealthy, gorgeous woman.

‘I’m absolutely playing myself – in case you were wondering.’


Vinegar Strokes (Pic: Matt Crockett)

One of the most renowned drag artists in Australia, Karen was one of the original members of the award-winning cabaret ‘YUMMY’ and has built an international fan-base, touring the world with her singular brand of office-themed character drag.

It’s a first acting role for KAREN FROM FINANCE, who Drag Race fans will definitely know. Be assured, this is still Karen, playing a different role. She told us…….

‘It’s exciting playing someone mean for a change. This time I’m Ms Morgan Piers, obviously named after Piers Morgan but in real life she’s based on Rebekah Brooks…’ You may remember her as the News of the World executive questioned by MPs over phone hacking. ‘I’ve just been reading up on her and my jaw is constantly smacking the floor! Quite a woman! There’s definitely a bit of a Cruella vibe going on with Morgan Piers.’

Karen From Finance (Pic: Mark Crockett)

Another Drag Race All Stars favourite. RA’JAH DAVENPORT O’HARA an entertainer, creator, dancer, and singer known for competing on Season 11 of RuPaul’s Drag Race.

Ra’Jah plays meteorologist Summer Raines, complete with Southern drawl…….

“The look was put together by wardrobe, but I did get to add a little bit of my signature, which is purple, but the make-up is all Ra’Jah because nobody can make me as beautiful as I can make me.”

Ra’Jah O’Hara (Pic:Matt Crockett)

As for WILLAM, who plays Shazza – this is her return to Death Drop with all the same fantastic costumes from the original.

“I don’t give my look up to anyone!” she says, shocked at the very idea.

She reckons that due to the copious death drops required of her first time round, “I was in the best shape of my life when it ended,” so she’s looking forward to getting back on it, especially as she remembers the whole script from first time round.

Of course, we mustn’t forget the drag kings, who are part of this glittering, international cast. Willam explained the difference between the kings and the queens……

“It’s all the same. It’s just drag. They glue hair to their faces, we glue hair to our heads.”

We can pretty much guarantee this is like nothing you’ve seen on tour before. It may be a classic ‘whodunit’ storyline, but the cast are far from traditional. One thing is for sure, it’s a laugh-out-loud comedy, and that’s something we all need right now.

DEATH DROP get to the New Theatre, Cardiff from tomorrow – Wednesday 20th to Saturday 23rd October. It plays at 8pm each evening, except Friday when it starts at 8:30pm. There’s a 5pm matinee on Friday, and 4pm on Saturday. You can find out more, and get your tickets HERE.