Take a story we all know and love, add one of the world’s leading producers of ice-theatre shows, and then have 24 of the very best National and European, medal winning skaters performing in the state of the art ICC Wales and you have a spectacular evening with PETER PAN ON ICE.

We were at the ICC Wales last night for the opening performance, and for a man who enjoys a bit of Dancing on Ice, the TV version and more, I was expecting a lot and this production delivered in every way.

The story itself is pretty much as JM Barrie wrote it, what we see on the ice however, is both spectacular and breath-taking. This is a show filled with excitement, drama and some of the most incredible skating and special effects you’ll see anywhere this festive season.

First of all, here’s what a very enthusiastic opening night audience thought of the show….


The shows Artistic Director TONY MERCER, who also started the company almost 40 years ago, has a brilliant eye for what works and entertains us for the 90 or so minutes the show runs. This is much more than taking a classic story and retelling it on ice. Tony has pulled together the most skilled, energetic and talented company of skaters who glide, jump, dance and fly across, and over the ice.

Even choosing the right venue is something Tony takes great care over, and as this is the Imperial Ice Stars second visit to the ICC it’s clearly the place for him. He said…………

“I make sure I look for theatres that have great facilities, that tick all the boxes for me”.

Your journey to the ICC Wales in Newport is one which will transport you far away to Neverland with Tinker Bell, Wendy and Peter himself.

We did the whole pre-show VIP Neverland Lounge experience and it really is a very special way to start the show. The lounge is full of festive joy, with snow scattered over the carpets. The kids had an absolute ball running around the room, making pretend snow angels and generally getting very excited for what was about to come.

If you’re looking for something a little special this year, we can highly recommend this experience. We’ve put details at the bottom of the page.

The show itself is Peter Pan on Ice but as we all know, our characters spend a lot of time in the air, and this production is no different. I don’t want to give too much away here but the huge screens at the back of the ice stage are filled with images which take us high above the London sky, all the way to Neverland and onto the Jolly Roger, the pirate ship home of Captain hook.

Along the way we even get to see mermaids swimming in the sea. What’s on the ice is fantastic, but I have to say the screen delivers some pretty awesome images too.

There are certain things we expect in Peter Pan and along with the flying and Tinker Bell, there has to be a big old crocodile. With more than a few excited gasps from the kids in the audience (that was all of us by the way), we had the Captain Hook stalking croc take to the ice, and he is hilarious.

Not only did this incredible crocodile skate, but he performed his own routine, with movements which were step perfect. When the music played and the beat pulsed, the screen filled with hypnotic croc patterns, and with cheers from a hugely enthusiastic crowd, Tick-Tock would enter to the delight of us all – apart from Captain Hook that is.

Peter Pan on Ice (Photo: Christiaan Kotze)

There is something about skating which adds an extra element to any show. There’s the thrill of watching the skaters jump and twirl, at breakneck speeds. Various performers are swung around and thrown through the air, landing as though it was the most effortless thing in the world, which is how they made it seem. To say we were on the edge of our our seats with nervous excitement would be an understatement, it is a truly thrilling thing to watch.

We even had fire on stage – and before you ask, no, the ice doesn’t melt.

But this is a festive show and with that we want great costumes and music, once again we get both from Peter Pan on Ice. The musical score is original and instantly catchy, you will definitely be humming along to the crocs pulsing beat. There’s no dialogue in the production, apart from a little from JM Barrie who narrates us into the story, he also has a fabulous singing voice. The music and skating make the need for any words totally redundant.

The costumes are next-level spectacular. Tony has collaborated with Veronique Pasternak to come up with designs which capture the dazzling excitement you need for a production like this.

PETER PAN ON ICE is spectacularly great fun for all the family. If you’re a fan of dance, you’ll particularly enjoy the precision of the routines, with the added element of ice skating. As you saw from the audience reaction above, everyone enjoyed the show from the youngest to slightly older.

The show is at the ICC Wales until 1st January with a variety of performance times ranging from 11am to 7pm. Tickets start at £18, with lots of options to upgrade, if your budget allows. All the details are available HERE.

Age Guidance – 4+ years (no children under 2 years)

Pre Show VIP Neverland Lounge Package

Your VIP Neverland package provides:

  • Access to the exclusive pre show Lounge
  • A selection of tasty pre-show nibbles for adults and children
  • A glass of Prosecco or Neverland Mocktail before the show
  • Child ticket includes Peter Pan sword or Tinker Bell wand

Adult £18 per person  | Child £15 per person (2-12 years old) (Does not include ticket to the show)

Neverland Afternoon tea

Neverland Afternoon Tea

  • Indulgent Neverland-inspired afternoon tea served in the wonderful tea room with woodland views

Adult £30 per person | Child £18 per person (2-12 years old) (Does not include ticket to the show)