The social enterprise Sea Ranger Service is launching in the UK to offer young people from Port Talbot and surrounding areas the chance to sail out to sea and look after the environment — and get paid while doing so.

The Sea Ranger Service launched in 2016 to support governments with the management and restoration of oceans while offering young people, particularly those in coastal regions, a unique start to their careers. 

Sea Ranger Service

Young people aged 18-29 will be trained to monitor, research and protect nature in our oceans. But first, they must take part in an intense Bootcamp, which is kicking off on March 1st, where participants are tested on their motivation, teamwork skills and learning abilities. Those selected will then take to the water on sailing expeditions from Port Talbot where the ship is based, and will be employed as full-time Sea Rangers. 

Unfortunately, it was reported last year that Wales had the highest year on year unemployment rate. Additionally, Tata Steel recently announced there will be 3,000 layoffs this year across its two South Wales factories, one of which is in Port Talbot, which is looming large in the local community. 

The Sea Ranger Service is working closely with the Port Talbot Job Centre and local authorities, who are very pleased that the programme will be offering young people from Port Talbot a fantastic opportunity that could potentially lead to a full-time seafaring career.

The work of Sea Rangers includes climate research, restoring seagrass, monitoring Marine Protected Areas and using drones and underwater robots to collect data on the ocean environment. All of which are essential for protecting our oceans, which are vital for our existence as they generate the majority of the oxygen we breathe, help regulate climate, and are home to much of the Earth’s biodiversity. The Sea Ranger Service carries out these assignments for government agencies.

Wietse van der Werf, Founder and CEO of the Sea Ranger Service told us…..

“After spending time working as an engineer on ships in Antarctica, I knew I had to take action to protect our oceans. We are very excited to bring our unique service to the UK seas and coastal areas, kicking off with Port Talbot. I look forward to meeting the new candidates who share our passion for the environment and are motivated to become the next set of Sea Rangers.”

Vera Hoogenberg, a selected Sea Ranger, said…..

“I was a bit lost, so I wanted to join the Sea Ranger Bootcamp to rediscover who I am. It was a fantastic experience. I got to know my strengths and weaknesses very quickly and it was great for my development and self-esteem.”

Candidates are required to be aged 18-29 but do not need any specific training or previous sailing experience before applying. Registration for the Sea Ranger Bootcamp is now open. For more details, go HERE.