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Visit Big Pit From Home

Wouldn't it really be great if we could step back in time and see what life was like for our ancestors? We...

Vintage Festival Wales

Taking its inspiration from the Romance and Glamour of Vintage Fashion & Nostalgia the return of the Vintage For Victory - Vintage Festival...

Look Who’s Reading Harry

As we all struggle to find things to do for the kids, and ourselves, J.K. Rowling has waved a magic wand and...

VW Enthusiasts Weekends

You certainly don't have to be a VW owner to enjoy DUBS AT THE CASTLE believe us, there are more than enough...

Roald Dahl Comes to M&S

It's a fair bet that if you mention Llandaff in Cardiff and asked what, or who it's famous for, ROALD DAHL would...

We All Need Some Monster Fun

When MONSTERS NOT ALLOWED first came out the reviews, right across the board, were five star, and rightly so. The story by...

The Sunrise Celebration

Set in the picturesque Herfordshire countryside the SUNRISE CELEBRATION is made up of 5 close knit arenas. As you weave between the...

Family Things To Do & Some Freebies

It's always tricky finding things we can do as a family that is both fun and economical We will though attempt to...

Rain Shouldn’t Stop ‘Play’ – Fun Things To Do…….

Make The Best Of It.... It’s raining and the day feels really boring. You don't want to go...

School Holiday Dates 2019/20 – 20/21

This page should help with your planning for school holiday and the like. We have listed every council area for 19/20 and...

Birth & Baby Collective – Free Sessions

Becoming a parent can be an overwhelming and confusing time for most people, those of us who have been there can appreciate...

Wallace & Gromit At The Royal Mint

For a fun day out in South Wales, the Royal Mint Experience not only offers really popular exhibitions and tours but also...

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