Sherry is a classic wine that’s been around for hundreds of years, yet is recently receiving renewed interest among people of all ages and is being embraced in new and inventive ways. Sherry isn’t just great for sipping – it has loads of potential as a cocktail ingredient and more, making it a wonderful option for winter celebrations.

The best-selling Sherry in the world is Harveys Bristol Cream, the only Spanish product with a Royal Warrant from the British Royal Family. Harveys was actually founded in Bristol in 1796 by merchant William Perry. During the 19th century, Harveys became one of the largest importers of sherry from the Bay of Cadiz to the port of Bristol.

Harveys Bristol Cream, created in 1882 by John Harvey II and his brother Edward, is the result of a meticulous selection of over 30 blends of Fino, Oloroso, Amontillado and Pedro Ximenez grape. It is aged in American oak casks using the traditional system of soleras and criaderas and is a global icon of sherry.

In fact, here are seven reasons to enjoy Harveys this winter that showcase why Sherry is experiencing a rebirth.

Sherry keeps for a month refrigerated:

When properly chilled, many Sherry styles, such as Harveys, can stay good for up to a month. This means you don’t need a big group or special occasion to keep a bottle on hand. For proper storage, keep the bottle closed and in a refrigerator when not being used. This helps the Sherry maintain its incredible flavour.

Pair Sherry with snacks like nuts:

Winter celebrations often call for a variety of nuts for snacking. Whether they are sweet, spiced or raw in their shell waiting for cracking, Sherry is the perfect pairing for nuts. In fact, Sherry can be a tasty aperitif with nuts or other light appetizers to start a meal.

Sherry can be used as a baking ingredient:

You can use Sherry in traditional winter recipes such as pumpkin pie, spice cookies or fruit cake. Recipes for Sherry brownies are indulgent and the perfect ending to a meal. Of course, pair these rich treats with a glass of Sherry to delight the palate.

Sherry can be used as a cooking ingredient:

Add interest and depth to sauces with Sherry. A splash of Sherry increases flavour when you sauté meats or vegetables. Need to deglaze your pan? A bit of Sherry helps those crispy flavours at the bottom of the pan to release and is an easy way to make a quick pan sauce for meat or seafood.

Serving Sherry is simple:

Just like any other wine, Sherry can be enjoyed straight. Chill the Harveys bottle and the label tells you when it’s ready by turning blue. Try enjoying it chilled over ice with a slice of orange. You don’t need special glassware; a regular white or red wine glass is ideal for Sherry.

Sherry is a versatile cocktail substitute:

Have fun swapping in Sherry for other spirits to create flavourful cocktails that often have lower alcohol by volume. Another insider tip is that Sherry can be swapped one-for-one with cocktail recipes that call for sweet vermouth, so shake up your favorite drinks and enjoy something fresh.

Sherry inspires new cocktail recipes:

While great enjoyed alone or as a substitute in recipes, why not make the most of the winter months by trying new recipes that feature trending Sherry, like this one for the Adonis?



  • Ingredients:
  • 50ml Harveys Bristol Cream Sherry
  • 25ml Red vermouthDash of orange bitters
  • Directions:
  • Combine ingredients
  • Stir
  • Serve in a Martini or wine glass
  • Optional: twist of orange

To learn more about Sherry and why it’s a top trend this season, visit HARVEYS


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