It’s summer, and no matter what your age, we all scream for ice cream, but sometimes the ordinary is never enough.

St David’s Cardiff hosted a unique, free ice cream lolly-making event this weekend as part of its summer Lollydays celebrations – flavour options included sweet, savoury, and specialities such as Welsh cake, gold dust, bacon, and even edible insects!

The LOLLY-POP-UP opened at St David’s exclusively for one weekend only giving visitors the chance to create and fully customise their own bespoke lolly, using ice cream from award-winning Welsh brand RED BOAT. The hands-on experience offer lots of incredible toppings with ‘Hundreds and Thousands’ of flavours – sprinkle puns aside, there was something like 142,000 topping combinations available at the Lolly-Pop-Up. 

Red Boat are something very special too, with countless ‘Taste‘ awards under their belt, and officially one of the 17 coolest places to get an ice cream in the whole of the UK! If you’ve sampled what they serve, you’ll know exactly what we mean.

Never one to turn down an invitation, we went along to sample our own concoction, have a look around, meet Leon (like an Ice Cream Willy Wonka) and some of the families tucking into their own choice of ice cream delights.


The event was a huge success and everyone we spoke to agreed it would be a nice addition to St David’s (just saying guys), we all loved it.

Finally, I played it safe I’m afraid. Milk chocolate covered ice cream, peanut butter pieces, cookie pieces, chocolate covered pretzels, toffee sauce and hundreds and thousands. When I say played it safe, I was clearly hyper for the next couple of hours from the sugar-rush.

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And to fins out more about LOLLYDAYS, which is in St David’s till the 12th September, go HERE.