Two years of lockdown has thrown a huge light on the amount of time we spend online. Posting selfies, watching Tik-Tok videos, dipping into the lives of others, in fact everything that took us away from the restrictions we all had to face. But that in itself brings many challenges, with adverse comments, negative messages and sometimes far worse.

That is something Blackwood based actor, activist and online content creator SCOTT MCGLYNN knows only too well.

Scott McGlynn

Scott is best known for creating the LGBT celebrity and gossip hit podcast ‘The Scott McGlynn Show’ which has reached the top 5 in the UK iTunes podcast chart. Celebrity guests, such as Perez Hilton, actor David Yost, and a fair smattering of RuPaul’s Drag Race winners, have shared their lives and journeys with Scott on the show.

Scott’s journey however, has been tricky to navigate, and one which has had more than few hurdles along the way.

For as long as he can remember Scott has suffered from bad acne, and after years of bullying Scott turned one of life’s negatives into something incredibly positive, and in the process has been able to help and support tens of thousands of young people.

Scott launched a skincare blog six years ago, primarily aimed at men. He knows first-hand just how uncomfortable and self-conscious people can feel about their skin so he set about sharing his honest experiences and product reviews with his Instagram followers. He also became a Neutrogena ‘skinsider’ ambassador in 2019 – 2020.

Scott is a great believer in ‘honesty being the best policy‘, something he always advocates when talking about his flare-ups in his social videos, he said…..

“it’s best to be truthful’, instead of ‘giving off such a perfect life.”

He recently launched a new series, Celebrity Skin Talk, which focuses on celebrity skincare and features everyone from stars of the Real Housewives of Cheshire and Netflix hit Selling Sunset to soap stars.

It was years after his own troubled schooldays that Scott found his confidence……

“In school there were two things going on. There was my sexuality and then there was my skin. I’d get bullied just for having acne on my face, which was obviously upsetting – but it was double that, from a sexuality point of view as well.”

We put a Zoom call in to Scott at his home in Blackwood to chat about life after lockdown. We talked about his huge success on Instagram, and how his content has supported so many through difficult times. He also shared his love of acting & his five dogs, which keep him just as busy as work. But first, we took him back to the start, and asked how it all began.

Enjoy the video……


Scott shares his content via his official Instagram account and has collaborated with brands including NowTV, SkinCeuticals, Dermalogica, Vichy, Huawei, Elemis, IT Cosmetics, ASOS, Bobbi Brown, Coca-Cola and BoohooMan.

Just over a years ago he launched a IGTV series called “Celebrity Skin Talk” bringing 2 passions together skincare and celebrities, The show includes guests such as Tamzin Outhwwaite, Michelle Collins, Mary Fitzgerald, Amanza Smith, Natalia Tena, Suzanna Shaw and Lucy Spraggan.

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