If you’re a sports fanatic with a penchant for marketing and an unrivalled nutrition plan, the path to your dream job could be just a few scrolls away. RUNNERS NEED has researched a plethora of sports careers, breaking down key factors including growth potential, salary, and AI integration.

A new study has revealed that the most in-demand job in the Welsh sports industry is for Nutritionists.

Carried out by sports and fitness retailer, Runners Need, the study factors in 46 different careers within sport and analyzes the market growth rate, average salary, number of job vacancies, percentage of total available jobs. Following on from this, the study also suggests which careers it would be useful to have AI skills in.

Top findings include……..

  • Swansea has the biggest one year rise in demand for Nutritionists (194%), in line with the overall UK demand for the career.
  • Cardiff and Swansea saw a doubling in growth for professional Athletes and Sports Administrators.
  • The highest numbers for job opportunities in the sports industry in Wales were for the roles of Sports Coach as well as Nutritionist.

According to a recent report by PWC, the sports industry is bouncing back post the pandemic, with a predicted 6.5% global growth in the next 3-5 years.

With the aim of advising those considering a job in this field, Runners Need have conducted a study analysing the topmost advertised sports industry careers. Following on from this Runners Need have created a tool, which enables those contemplating a career in the field to see a complete ranking of prospective job roles based on their preferred combination of relevant factors.


Market growth rate of sports jobs in Cardiff and Swansea

CityJob titleMarket growth rate
CardiffSports Administrator100%
CardiffFitness Manager0%
CardiffSports Coach-56%
CardiffSport coach-72%
SwanseaSports journalist-57%

Considering the complete combination of factors including market growth rate, number of vacancies and average salary the job role of personal trainer has been revealed as the overall ‘most promising’ in the sports industry.

Alongside the ranking of jobs roles, based on factors such as salary and entry requirements, the study has also revealed that the job role seeing the highest increase in demand was nutritionist, with searches for the job increasing by 194% between 2023 and 2022.

Top Job Roles (by factor)

In terms of salary, those entering the sports and careers industry can expect to earn on average £31,966 – in line with the national average salary of £31,772. The best job role in terms of salary prospects, is the role of sports medicine physician with jobs advertised in the position advertising an average salary of £98,000 a year.

The careers that have seen the largest one year increase in job openings is the role of nutritionists, spiking by 194%. The next careers with the joint largest increase are Performance Sports Scientist, Professional Athlete, Sports Administrator which all saw a 100% rise.

The sports jobs with the most current job vacancies are in the coaching industry with Sports Coach, Football Coach, Sports Therapist and Cycling Coach.

For more details and to read the full research, go HERE.