Every night, South Wales Life will play you three hours of non-stop, uninterrupted love songs. At the end of a busy day, maybe you just need to chill and unwind, or who knows, the songs may need to be shared with a loved one. This is definitely the show for you.

This show isn’t just thrown together either, there are some great reasons to play you loves songs as we edge towards a good nights sleep. Music is essential to human’s lives, as it is practically well incorporated into almost every activity that we do. Starting from rituals, religious practices, work, recreational activity, social activity, working out, sleeping. It is practically impossible to imagine human lives without music. And love songs are something very special. Here is the South Wales Life guide as to why Love Songs are the key to a good night sleep and better well being

It improves our physical and mental health, you can also use music to help you diet. This means, Listening to music is not only recreational but also therapeutical. For all the details, you can read the list below:

A sufficient rest and a high quality sleep is essential for your health. Sleep deprivation could leads to so many health problems. Listening to our love songs could improves the quality of your sleep. Listening for at least an hour before bed could improve the quality of sleep. For those of you who’s been struggling insomnia, you really should try to listen to music before bed.

Listening to a slow, romantic song could help lower your blood pressure. The slow rhythm and low tempo could help your body to adjust with it. So, if you are in such a stressed state and your blood pressure is over the top, start listening to help ease your mind.

Can help you fall in love. Well, maybe not completely, but how many times have we used a love song to say exactly what you’re thinking to someone special, a lot I guess.

So, let South Wales Life ease you though the night with three hours of the best love songs ever made. No breaks, no chatter, just the songs you need to end your day.

Love Around Midnight, every night from 11pm.


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