MICHAEL BUBLÉ is coming to Cardiff and as we tell you the date is now rescheduled to next year, we can hear the collective sigh of disappointment, but understanding as to why. Okay, we get it, you love Michael Bublé, we love Michael Bublé, so let’s get on and tell you how you can see him.

Photo – Warwick Saint

We reckon what is so endearing about Michael is the fact that what you see, is what you get. He clearly loves what he does, feels blessed to be up on stage performing and he seems to delight in taking the audience along with him on this ride. You can see that if you’ve ever been to one of his shows. They are fantastic, but also fantastically unpredictable in the best possible way.

As we’re writing this Michael is still revelling in the glow of his European tour, dates we never thought he’d play. Yes, he’s sold more than 60 million albums and for him and his family, life really couldn’t be any better. But as we all know, life has a strange way of throwing us a curved puck when we least expect it.

The week that his album, 2016’s Nobody But Me was released, Michael and his family went through an emotional journey that completely changed his life. He was understandably unsure how or if music was going to remain part of his life. He said……

“What the experience did was give me a real perspective. It completely changed my outlook on what mattered and what was important to me.”

Photo – Dean Freeman

But the desire to express himself creatively slowly came back into focus when he invited his band mates over to his house, not with the intention of making music, but simply to enjoy each other’s company and drink, eat pizza and play video games.

“Once we got bored with that, we started jamming and there was this wonderful click, this moment where I went, ‘Oh, yeah! I forgot how much I loved this’

“I think I just needed a little helpful reminder. The concept for the new album flowed. “Then, the only question was not ‘Am I going back to work.’ It was ‘Can I do it on my terms? Can I do the songs I love with the people I love the way that I love and do it with pure joy and bliss?’ And once I knew that was possible, it was a go.”

We certainly don’t want to dwell on the horrific time the Bublé family went through following their son Noah’s cancer diagnosis. The fact he has been able to talk so openly about the condition and the devastating effect it had on everyone around him has helped many others going through a similar situation. We would direct you to Michael’s Carpool Karaoke – Stand Up To Cancer Special.

Through all of this his album Love came through, and for us in the SOUTH WALES LIFE office, it’s one of his best. We feel it was a personal journey and that certainly comes through in the songs. Michael said……

“This would be my group of short stories that would be my theory of love. The good, the bad, the light, the dark, and I think that took a lot of pressure off of my co-producers David Foster and Jochem van der Saag and me. There was just great ease of having done our homework and knowing what the record was.”

The album is filled with great classics such as, My Funny Valentine, La Vie En Rose and a new twist on Kris Kristofferson’s Help Me Make It Through The Night. The emotional centerpiece of the album is Forever Now, a tune co-written by Michael about his favourite role, being a dad, and the vulnerability and strength that comes with unconditional love. And Charlie Puth stepped in with backing vocals on Love You Anymore.

And that bring us nicely onto the tour, as we mentioned this summers date is now happening next year. Trust us though, it’ll be well worth the wait. The tour is AN EVENING WITH…… and that’s exactly what you’ll get.

With a Bublé show you get the whole package. You’ve seen the pictures of him getting up close and personal with the audience. He loves a chat, and the crowd even more so. But I have to say, although it’s Michael’s name on the poster it really is a group effort. His band are incredible. They say Music Maketh The Man, in this case, and we’re sure Michael won’t mind us saying, the band maketh Michael.

And if you wonder how a show like this is put together, here is a Michael Bublé gig, start to finish, in just two minutes…….

In line with a lot of our entertainment, the day=te for the show has been rescheduled. Michael Bublé now gets to Cardiff Castle on Thursday 22nd July 2021 as part of his Evening With summer tour. Tickets are on sale now and you can get them right here. MICHAEL Current tickets are, of course, still valid.

Just one final note. We know that Michael is a massive Ice Hockey fan, in fact he was even signed up for the day to play with his beloved Vancouver Canucks. We only mention this as he may want to pop in to watch the Cardiff Play at the Viola Arena.

And we have to finish with Michael’s single Gotta Be Patient with Barenaked Ladies and Sofia Reyes. It’s out now to stream or download, and we’re playing it on South Wales Life Radio too. Enjoy.


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