It was the TV quiz scandal that continues to give, we couldn’t stop talking about it back in 2001 and now, 21 years later, it’s still the topic of conversation among lovers of a bit of television sculduggery.

In fact, the TV scandal was actually turned into a major TV series itself. QUIZ explores the real-life story of Charles Ingram, aka the Coughing Major, who conned the world’s most popular TV quiz show, Who Wants to Be a Millionaire out of £1,000,000. Or did he?

Before the TV drama, Quiz was a highly successful, Olivier Award nominated play by James Graham. Now, our top satirical impressionist and renowned comedian, RORY BREMNER will be starring as Chris Tarrant in the first ever national tour of this brilliant show.

Back in 2018 Quiz, transferred to London’s West End with sensational reviews, following a sold-out run at Chichester Festival Theatre. It’ll return to Chichester Festival Theatre before heading out on a 9-week UK tour from 22nd September. It gets to the New Theatre in Cardiff from Tuesday 17th through to Saturday 21st October.

Of course, there is a real South Wales link to this story. Newport born Michael Sheen played Chris Tarrant in the 2020 series alongside Matthew Macfadyen and Sian Clifford.

Having Rory in the lead role is a real treat for us as anyone who has seen his ‘Chris Tarrant‘ will attest. Take a look at the Quiz trailer and you’ll see what we mean.


Described as ‘a one-man opposition party’ (Daily Telegraph). Rory has provided definitive impersonations of PMs and Presidents from Major, Blair, Cameron and Brown, to Clinton, Bush and Trump. As himself, he’s been a presenter, writer, quiz-show host, actor, translator and even (briefly) ballroom dancer (Strictly Come Dancing, 2011). 

Speaking about his new role in Quiz, Rory told us……

“I’m very excited about this; not just the challenge of playing Chris Tarrant in long form but bringing the scandal that really caught the public’s imagination to a live audience every night. What really happened? The jury’s out – and this time it’s you!

I didn’t have to phone-a-friend. It wasn’t even 50/50. This was a role I had to take on, with A: a brilliant director; B: a terrific script; C: a different audience live each night; and D: a story that divides opinion to this day. Final answer? Ask the audience!”

A couple of years ago Donald Fear won himself the one million pound prize, and there wasn’t a single cough to be heard. Here’s the 15 questions he answered. So, while we’re waiting for Quiz to arrive in Cardiff, see how you do with his questions before scrolling to the bottom of the page to see the answers.

1) In the UK, the abbreviation NHS stands for National ‘what’ Service?

A. Humanity B. Health C. Honour D. Household

2) Which Disney character famously leaves a glass slipper behind at a royal ballet?

A. Pocahontas B. Sleeping Beauty C. Cinderella D. Elsa

3) What name is given to the revolving belt machinery in an airport that delivers checked luggage from the plane to baggage reclaim?

A. Hangar B. Terminal C. Concourse D. Carousel

4) Which of these brands was chiefly associated with the manufacture of household locks?

A. Phillips B. Flymo C. Chubb D. Ronseal

5) The hammer and sickle is one of the most recognisable symbols of which political ideology?

A. Republicanism B. Communism C. Conservatism D. Liberalism

6) What toys have been marketed with the phrase ‘Robots in Disguise’?

A. Bratz dolls B. Sylvanian Families C. Hatchimals D. Transformers

7) What does the word ‘loquacious’ mean?

A. Angry B. Chatty C. Beautiful D. Shy

8) Obstetrics is a branch of medicine particularly concerned with what?

A. Childbirth B. Broken bones C. Heart conditions D. Old age

9) In Doctor Who, what was the signature look of the fourth doctor, as portrayed by Tom Baker?

A. Bow-tie, braces and tweed jacket B. Wide-brimmed hat and extra-long scarf C. Pinstripe suit and trainers D. Cape, velvet jacket and frilly shirt

10) Which of these religious observances lasts for the shortest period of time during the calendar year?

A. Ramadan B. Diwali C. Lent D. Hanukah

11) At the closest point, which island group is only 50 miles south-east of the coast of Florida?

A. Bahamas B. US Virgin Islands C. Turks and Calcos Islands D. Bermuda

12) Construction of which of these famous landmarks was completed first?

A. Empire State Building B. Royal Albert Hall C. Eiffel Tower D. ‘Big Ben’ clock tower

13) Which of these cetaceans is classified as a ‘toothed whale’?

A. Gray whale B. Minke whale C. Sperm whale D. Humpback whale

14) Who is the only British politician to have held all four ‘Great Offices of State’ at some point during their career?

A. David Lloyd George B. Harold Wilson C. James Callaghan D. John Major

15) In 1718, which pirate died in battle off the coast of what is now North Carolina?

A) Calico Jack B) Blackbeard C) Bartholomew Roberts and D) Captain Kidd

Quiz is directed by Artistic Director of Chichester Festival Theatre, Daniel Evans and Seán Linnen with design by Robert Jones, and produced by Jonathan Church Theatre Productions and Wessex Grove, by arrangement with William Village. Lighting by Ryan Day, composition and sound design by Ben and Max Ringham, with video by Tim Reid and casting by Ginny Schiller CDG.

QUIZ gets to the New Theatre in Cardiff from Tuesday 17th through to Saturday 21st October. Performances are at 7:30pm each evening with a 2:30pm matinee on Wednesday and Saturday. Tickets go on sale on Monday. For more details, and to get yours, go HERE.

Quiz is a fictional imagination based on real events which took place in 2001 following an episode of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? It is not in any way connected with the makers of the programme or any of the individuals portrayed. The television programme Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? is produced by 2waytraffic.


1) B 2) C 3) D 4) C 5) B 6) D 7) B 8) A 9) B 10) B 11) A 12) D 13) C 14) C 15) B


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