There really can’t be a better combination than a sausage and a glass of cider, put the two together and it’s food and drink heaven. Now, for its second year, the SAUSAGE & CIDER FEST is heading back to Cardiff and gives you the chance to enjoy a pint of two, maybe a Gin and Prosecco and a range of meaty treats from all around the world.

The organisers love real cider and scour all corners of the UK looking for the finest money can buy – and bring it to our door to taste, savour and enjoy with your friends, alongside great sausages and fine music.

There will be a huge variety of delicious sausages, definitely not the standard bangers you would find in your local supermarket. Again, they source the finest butchers sausages and those with a little twist too!

Non-Cider Drinkers fear not, there’s not just Cider at this event! With a fantastic Craft Beer & Gin bar, there really is something for everyone! The range of ciders is enormous.

There are those that can eat and those that can compete… which are you? At each event they’ll be hosting some fun and exciting competitions; these could be sausage eating, hot dog eating, spicy food challenge or a host of other crazy ideas! You can of course only enter if you attend the event.

The range of sausages is pretty enormous too, if you pardon the pun, I reckon there’ll be some serious pigging out going on during the festival.

The SAUSAGE AND CIDER FEST is on Saturday 12th June 2021. We are still waiting for precise details, but they usually have two sessions, 12 noon to 5pm & 6 to 11pm. We’re also waiting for confirmation on the venue. Tickets are usually priced between £11.10 – £22.20, but we can tell you that most of their events sell out really fast. To register go here. SAUSAGE

Unfortunately this is 18+ strictly, this means no children in prams as well.


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