You may have seen it on TV, but there is nothing quite like the adrenaline rush of seeing these real-life GIANTS carry, lift, hulk, drag and throw barely believable weights, mere feet from your seat! 

When we say this tour is going to be Bigger, Better, Stronger, we can pretty much guarantee it. The World’s Strongest Man Arena Tour dates are all in place with a stop at the Utilita Arena in Cardiff this evening and it’s definitely bigger, better – and stronger than ever!

Returning to Cardiff for only the second time, the Giants Live Strongman Open will once again play host to one of strongman’s most compelling events – the World Deadlift Championships!

Georgia’s Ivan Makarov, the man who has now twice pulled 505kg/1,113lb to his knees, will be hoping to make it third time lucky when he yet again attempts to break the deadlift world record. The 2021 Deadlift World Champion was forced to relinquish his title last year after being bested by Rauno Heinla who will also be in attendance in Cardiff. The Estonian triumphed last year with his astonishingly smooth master’s world record of 476kg/1,049lb pull.

The hometown hero, GAVIN BILTON will be hoping to harness the huge support he receives to add kilos to his Welsh record. Last year, the “Welsh Bull” came agonisingly close to joining the 1,000lb (453.6kg) club after setting a new Welsh record of 425.5kg/938lb, with some ease.

Gavin Bilton lifts the final atlas stone at Giants Live

Gavin is quite a man, he’s served in Afghanistan, protected the Queen at Buckingham Palace and even played rugby at the Principality Stadium. So when he gets back to home turf, all eyes will be on his performance, which we know will be spectacular, especially with friends, family and fans behind hi,.

Gavin comes from Caerphilly, and although he’s been active in his professional and private life, he only began weightlifting seriously three or four years ago, and in that time has had great success. years ago and has already tasted success.

He’s six foot six inches tall and a peak weight of 474lb (215kg), he is the heaviest ever World’s Strongest Man competitor and well-deserving of his nickname. He has previously lifted twice his body weight, can you even imagine that?

Maintaining the weight can be a challenge in itself, he previously said……

“It does take a lot. I aim to eat 7,000 to 10,000 calories a day – mainly protein like steak, chicken, mince and eggs. In the lead up to a competition, I up my intake and carb load.”

Gavin spent 13 years in the Welsh Guards

So, let’s give you the GAVIN ‘THE BULL’ BILTON stats…….

Gavin has often stated that he believes he will win the World’s Strongest Man title one day and emulate his fellow countryman, Gary Taylor, the former Olympic weightlifting silver medallist, who won the title back in 1993, in Orange, France.


Gavin is a former professional rugby player who has played at several top clubs, including London Irish, Newport and Swansea. Playing at second row, Gavin was unusually strong for a rugby player, even at a slender (by comparison!) playing weight of 120kg/264lb. After 3 years in the Welsh Premiership, Gavin began to focus on gaining weight and strength and soon entered, and won, his first strongman contest.

The Bull took a couple of years to emerge from the shadow of fellow Welshman Ben Brunning, from Bala, who beat Bilton to the Welsh title in 2018 and 2019. Once domestic competition restarted in 2020, following the covid lockdown, Bilton had begun to compete internationally, finishing 8th at the 2020 Europe’s Strongest Man, and qualifying for his first World’s Strongest Man final after capturing the UK crown.

During a highly strenuous, closely packed run of contests in 2021, Gavin suffered some heart issues as a result of him using excessive amounts of caffeine to combat fatigue and prepare for contests. During the enforced medical break Gavin completed numerous, thorough medical examinations before being given the all-clear to compete. The break came at a time when The Bull was building momentum, following his second appearance at World’s Strongest Man, in 2021, and his Welsh record of 425kg/937lb in the deadlift. Bilton returned to competition at the 2022 Europe’s Strongest Man contest in Leeds, where he placed 11th.


The Bull has twice captured the Wales’s Strongest Man title, as well as the UK’s Strongest Man crown. Internationally, his best result came at the 2021 Giants Live World Open and World Deadlift Championships, in Manchester. Gavin placed a creditable 6th place and managed to claim the Welsh record in deadlift with a superb lift of 425kg/937lb. It was a lift that was overshadowed by a bevy of men completing 1,000lb/453.5kg lifts, but was nonetheless an incredible lift and an astonishingly heavy weight.

Gavin Bilton celebrate at Giants Live


  • World’s Strongest Man: Qualified 2021 (4th in heat) and 2020 (5th in heat)
  • Europe’s Strongest Man: 11th place 2022, 8th place in 2020 & 2022
  • Giants Live
    •  World Tour Finals: 10th place 2021
    • World Open: 6th place 2021
    • Strongman Classic: 8th place 2021
  • Wales’s Strongest Man: Winner 2021, runner-up 2018 & 2019
  • UK’s Strongest Man: Winner 2021 & 2020

Best Lifts


  • Deadlift: 425g/937lb (Welsh record)
  • Silver Dollar Deadlift: 460kg/1,014lb
  • Log lift: 170kg/375lb
  • Axle press: 170kg/375lb


  • Deadlift ladder: 300kg/661lb – 380kg/838lb (weight rising in 20kg/44lb increments)
  • Log lift: 200kg/441lb
  • Push press (from front): 190kg/419lb


In 2022, Gavin has set himself the target of extending his Welsh deadlift record beyond the magical 1,000lb (453.5kg) barrier, when the Giants Live Open and the World Deadlift Championships make their debut in Wales, in Cardiff’s Motorpoint Arena, in August.

Gavin has become a fan favourite and is well known on the strongman scene from his appearances at World’s Strongest Man and the Giants Live WSM Arena Tour events, all of which are aired over the festive period on Channel 5, in the UK.

Gavin has recently guested on the Giants Live Strongman podcast, where he discussed his ambitions in strongman and his fascinating background with hosts Radzi Chinyanganya, Colin Bryce and Darren Sadler.

Bilton’s social media presence is a growing one and he can be located on Facebook under the name Gavin “The Bull” Bilton. Similarly, on Instagram, he can be found under @gavin_the_bull_bilton, where he has some 37k followers.

The Bull won’t take any **** from anyone

This is expected to be a sell-out event with the World’s Strongest Men going head-to-head in 5 tests of strength, speed and raw power to claim the Giants Live Open title and along with it, a golden ticket to the World’s Strongest Man competition.

Jaw-dropping, inspirational and larger than life – this is live strength sport and entertainment at its absolute biggest and best! There is only one World’s Strongest Man Arena Tour and this is it!

GIANTS LIVE: THE STRONGMAN OPEN gets to the Utilita Arena in Cardiff tonight. Tickets are available right now from HERE.