It’s not often we get the chance to write about ourselves, but on this occasion we hope you’ll indulge us so we can share with you that SOUTH WALES LIFE has won the LIFESTYLE MAGAZINE OF THE YEAR award for Wales.

To say we are delighted would be an understatement, to say we are surprised, even more so.

When we began two years ago, we wanted to make our magazine all about the people who work, live and play in this wonderful area of ours. South Wales has it all, and never has that been proved more than through lockdown. As restrictions eased all we wanted to do was get back out and enjoy everything right on our doorstep.

And let’s be honest, we have it all – beaches, mountains, restaurants, cafes, hotels and resorts. Theatres and venues which are second to none, and a community of people who are wildly passionate about the things they love and enjoy.

It is all of that, and so much more we want to celebrate in our magazine.

South Wales Life – Lifestyle Magazine Of The Year 2021/22

This award is for you all. Those who have shared stories and ideas. The organisers who take time to tell us about events and shows. Performers, musicians, comedians and entertainers who have allowed us to put them up on our pages. And most of all, you for taking the time to read what we do, listen to our radio station, and watch the interviews, which are such an important part of our magazine.

Thanks again for everything, we are humbled, happy and incredibly proud.